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If you wish to come and pick up your order, upon check out just click “ curbside “  Let us know what day and what time you would like to pick up your order.

 Shipping in Canada ( Ontario )                                Shipping rest of Canada

.01 to 49.99 (before taxes) – 9.99                                       12.50

50.00 to 99.99 (before taxes) - 12.99                                  14.99

Orders over 100.00 (before taxes) – FREE                        FREE

New for Locals

Deliveries will be made on Tuesdays and Fridays

If you are in the Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmnville, Brooklin Area and your order is below 50.00 before taxes, there is a 2.99 delivery charge

If your order is above 50.00 before taxes, then your delivery charge is FREE


 Shipping to United States

.01 to 49.99 ( before taxes) – 12.50

50.00 to 124.99 ( before taxes) - 16.50

Orders over 125.00 (before taxes) - FREE


 Shipping International

We will be happy to send you a quote, as shipping will depend on size and weight of your order.  Once we have received your order, we will send you a shipping quote.  Shipping must be paid prior to shipping out your order. 

When checking out for the shipping section, please choose - send a quote

United States and International orders may be subject to customs or duties.  These are the responsibility of the purchaser.  You may not get charges, but we like to make sure that you are aware of the potential possibility.


FAQ for Class Act Loyalty Points + 

Q:  When did Loyalty Points become Available?

A:  January 19, 2019.

Q:  Do I have to have an Online Account to earn Loyalty + Points?

A:  No, however if you purchase online and you do as a Guest you can not earn Class Act Loyalty + Points.  Please Contact us to Activate your Online Profile should you require assistance.

Q:  Do I have to purchase online in order to earn Points?

A:  No you can earn Loyalty + Points in store as well, as long as you already have an Online account.

Q:  Can Points be back dated if I didn't register my account?

A:  Unfortunately, points are only tracked through having an online account.

Q:  How Many Points per Referral? 

A:  None.  You get a $5.00 Discount code via email that can be used with a minimum purchase of $50.00 on Subtotal. 

Q:  How Many Points does the Recipient receive from my Referral? 

A:  None.  They get a $5.00 Discount code via email that can be used with a minimum purchase of $50.00 on Subtotal. 

Q:  How do I know how many Referrals and Points I have? 

A:  Notifications are emailed for every time you earn.  You can also view when you are logged into Classact.ca and click on your Rewards Icon. 

Q:  How many Points are received per Dollar? 

A:  Points are calculated 1 Point per $1.00 on Subtotal 

QWhat are other ways to earn points? 

A:  All ways to earn Points will be visible through your Class Act Loyalty + Icon on Classact.ca.   

Q:  Why is the Points Program called Class Act Loyalty +? 

A:  This is a Plus program because it is used in conjunction with discount purchases.  Allowing you to take part in earning a discount while using a discount.  

Q:  How many points are required to receive a discount and is there a minimum purchase based on Subtotal? 

A: 1000 Points to receive $5.00 Off with a minimum purchase of $25.00.

2000 Points to receive $10.00 Off with a minimum purchase of $50.00. 

3000 Points to receive $20.00 Off with a minimum purchase of $75.00. 

5000 Points to receive $75.00 Off with a minimum purchase of $100.00. 

Q:  Are points excluded from earning on any Products or Classes? 

A:  No.  You receive Points on every single purchase, based on Subtotal. 

Q:  Why are my points not showing up? 

A:  Most times points show up almost right away but can take up to 24 Hours.  

QWhat do I do if my Points don’t show up after 24 Hours? 

A:  Contact Us 

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