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Spellbinders - BetterPress Letterpress System Press Plate - Open If You Dare

Open if You Dare Press Plate is from the BetterPress Halloween Collection. The largest plate in this two plate set has a spooky skeleton popping out of the treasure box with a pumpkin at its foot. The second plate is a sentiment, Open If You Dare. Would you? Ink the plates with the BetterPress Ink to be pressed against the BetterPress Cotton Card Panel and Sheets for a crisp letterpress design. Change the way you create with BetterPress, an innovative way to achieve the elegant look of letterpress without all the mess. Its an easy-to-use system that produces professional stationery style with detailed impressions that can be felt to the touch. Measuring between 2.1x2.95 inches and 2.65x0.20 inches. Imported.

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